The unofficial version

Considering Singaporeans’ favourite way of proposing, it must be said that she probably did the deed when she asked, “Shall we buy a flat?” Said flat is now christened “east end” and sits squarely on a field in Tampines. east end is currently scheduled for completion by November 2008. Yay.

The official version

She was in Hong Kong for a week of work when he decided to join her for the weekend. Under the sweltering, muggy heat of the Pearl of the Orient, they shopped and ate, and shopped and ate some more.

On the night of July 7 (070707, geddit?), they decided to brave the ridiculous tourist crowds and go up to The Peak to take in the view of the city. Much to his relief, she managed to bump off a colleague who had offered to take her there. And there among the hordes of shoving tourists, he said…well, he said stuff. Or at least he tried to mutter something that sounded vaguely like a proposal amid the strong winds and loud louts.

And she said…well, she didn’t really say yes. She was too taken by the vintage-esque Mauboussin ring (from an ad that she had torn out and given to him weeks ago) to say anything.

And so they were officially engaged.

And no, he didn’t get down on one knee.


Happy grins all round, post-presentation of the bling