Midnight, 2000

Bookmark In the perfect world (which wouldn’t make good television, would it?), the love story goes like this: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy goes after girl, girl accepts and they live happily ever after. Well, this is not quite the perfect world.

They met when she was 18 and he had an eye on that cute, bubbly girl. Using the rather lame (on hindsight) excuse of buying a hand-made bookmarks (by HER and friends), he managed to get her contact. But she wasn’t terribly keen because she had her mind full on choir, theatre studies and immature boys. Oh, and school too. So they chatted on and off over ICQ (those ancient times) before he finally got her on a date (score!). Their first date was spent at the Cathay Picturehouse before it got demolished in the name of advancement, which was significant because she had practically grown up at The Cathay. After wooing her with “Love Letter” (the Japanese movie, that is), they went on to seal their status as a couple on January 1, 2000 at midnight (conveniently), at the top of the Benjamin Sheares bridge.

Through the years, they have had good times and rocky times. They crashed and burnt and survived to realise that they belong together. Since then, the longest they have been apart is three weeks – when he had to camp out in the jungles of Australia for the sake of national defence.