Because she is the main writer for the website (despite it being designed by him), her feminist nature dictates that she should be mentioned first. If you know either the bride or the groom but not both, here’s a crash course on the two of them.

Yann, seen through Jimmy's eyes She’s convinced that she was born with a loudhailer in one hand and a pencil in the other. Reed thin and dark like chocolate (because her mother drank coffee, and not milk, during the pregnancy), she is a mixed bag of contradictions. She identifies strongly with Ally McBeal, Meredith Grey and Carrie Bradshaw, and thinks women are attractive when they are immensely complex. She probably has enough dresses, shoes and bags to buy her an apartment, just like Carrie. And just like Carrie and Big, she has a happy ending in store for her. Minus the expensive Manhattan penthouse.

She adores Jimmy because. Well, she just does.

(What this means is that she is currently working as a features writer for a local women’s magazine. She’s 27, is a wordsmith and graduated from the school of irony: NTU’s communications faculty.)

Jimmy, seen through the eyes of Yann He is the THICK in the equation – just in case you didn’t notice. Born the third son, he was given much more nourishment than his brothers had (which explains why both are leaner than him). Being musically inclined, he chose a path that brought him years and years of beautiful sounds. It, eventually, eventually led him to meet HER and the rest, as they say, is history. A tech (read: Macintosh) geek who can remember when the next iPhone will be released but has already forgotten when he last asked HER out on a date.

And yes, he probably can’t live without Yann.

(And what all that means is that he is currently a production manager in an advertising agency. He’s 34, is visual by nature and dreams of working for the Mothership one day.)