The Bridal Party

Throughout their eight years, nine months and 13 days together (but really, nobody’s counting), there have been a core group of loyal friends who stood by Yann and Jimmy. These people were there when they hit the rocks, they helped to pick up the pieces and when they finally made it through to this next chapter of their lives, these people celebrated for and with them. Here’s the fabulous gang of nutty friends:


Min & Yann Minzi Teo
She’s stuck with Yann since they were 13 and living out geeky existences in Singapore Chinese Girls School’s choir. They’ve pondered about getting tattoos, shared secrets that nobody else knows and even if they don’t see each other for months, their affection for each other never wanes.

Dawn & Yann Dawn Sin
During their Victoria Junior College days, Yann and Dawn shared many things in common: bad haircuts, boyfriend mistakes, insecurity about their voices, thick glasses, abhorrent dress sense…etc. But over tears and packet drinks at the bleachers, they bonded and became fast friends.

Trev & Yann Trevor Teo

Neither Yann nor Trevor remembers how they became best buddies but since 2002, he’s been her sala boyfriend, deputising when the real thing is not around. They love each other because both are insanely funny (haha!), brutally wicked and fiercely independent. He’s now known as the Chief Wedding Biatch (CWB), a title he intends to trademark.

Sandy & YannSandy Chui

Yann adores Sandy because Sandy is so warm, huggable, makes a mean cheesecake and is downright generous. They both love reading trashy novels and living with their heads up in the clouds, preferably where medieval men with muscly limbs are in their service.

Dotz & Yann Dorothea Chow

When Dotz got married to the electrician (private joke!), Yann and Dawn wept tears of joy. Who knew that the former child genius would be the first among the trio to trundle down that aisle? Dotz is one of the most genuine, sweetest and gentlest person in this world. And she gurgles too!


WayneWayne Tan

Full of ridiculously funny s**t is what Wayne is. His “dyslexia”, penchant for calling his friends inexplicable names (like looking at Jane and calling her “John”) and various methods of expelling bodily gases have everyone in stitches and grimaces all the time.

Skunky KongKong Shikang

Fondly known as “Skunky” and “Skunky Kong” and “Megatron” and “Shrek” and…..forget it. Just like the grumpy green ogre, Skunk is hilarious without trying. He is a loyal friend whom everyone can count on in times of need. When you need entertainment, call upon Skunk to do his squirrel dance. Or any dance, for that matter.

GQTham Kong Chiu

This very eligible bachelor is extremely charming, witty and a genuine friend to boot. As a banker (ker-chink!), he is also blessed with a sense of analytical logic too. The party is always alive when GQ, as everyone calls him affectionately, is around.

BryanBryan Wong

Our inhouse financial, mahjong, Wii-expert is the first among us to tie the knot with Sandy (see above). Known affectionately as “Bra” (lacy or not, we don’t know), Bryan is known for being the first to raise his hand for a game of mahjong, even during the stressful period of exams as he continues his relentless pursuit of actuarial-priesthood!

Jane & GQJane Tan

Yes, that’s a Jane, not John. She, who is part of the brotherhood, is very much a woman with her stilettos and a hotly coveted Chanel 2.55. Always immaculate and feminine in her dressing, her true self is exposed when she’s at the mahjong table. Or when there is food lying around.

Soh Yin Chuin

Our lone foreign import, this singleton is a kickass lawyer with an appetite for fine wine and good food. Over the years, we have witnessed his transformation from a geeky, specky student to a portly, specky lawyer. Good to know that some things don’t change!