Thicknthin: 700 plus

October 20, 2008

No, this is not a new variant of the isotonic drink. It’s the number of pictures we sat through after our photographer handed us a DVD of our wedding pictures. I’m just, well, speechless. (Which means I am really thrilled by all the pictures! I’ve never looked so gorgeous in my life and oh, how happily married we [...]

One month, or 30 days

October 20, 2008

We were officially one month old yesterday. It’s really strange how time just flies past us. Wasn’t it only yesterday that we were married? And then we had a wonderful time doing nothing in Lombok? And now, a month has passed us by so quickly. I was feeling poorly yesterday - a recurrent cold - but as [...]

Thicknthin: Sunny skies

October 20, 2008

After tucking into a nice catered lunch, we went on our merry way to the hotel. The sun was blazing hot and so the top of the car stayed up. It was a perfect moment - we were young and in love, the weather was bright and sunny. The plan was to catch a bit of [...]

Everyday musings

October 20, 2008

Almost everyday, I wake up in bed and ask myself, “What do I want to do with my life?” You know, when I was a kid, I thought that life would fall neatly into place when I grow up. I would get a job, get married, have a house, have children and just sail through life. [...]

Love Lifehouse long long time

October 4, 2008

Sigh. I heart you, Jason Wade. You cleared up the stuffy nose I had and even stopped it from running and sneezing. The wonderful, miraculous healing powers of music. Thanks to Nokia, who had invited me (and the husband) to the Nokia Remix: Singapore private showcase at Red Dot Museum. I wish I had bought tickets to their concert [...]

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