Veil unveiling

June 4, 2008

I am a happy bride-to-be!

Thanks to my personal FedEx man Joker, my “decorations” have arrived! They look really cute in their packaging and hopefully, they are 1000000000x cuter when unfolded and enhanced by the erm “things”. Don’t ask. I’m trying to cultivate a sense of mystery here.

And best of all, my veil is here! Now, I am a control freak. I want to make sure that every element of this fun wedding is done up according to my wishes. I mean, our wishes. Right. Anyway, I saw that the veil given by my bridal boutique isn’t that nice and decided to get an alternative. The problem is, these tiny pieces of tulle cost a hell lot of money. Some boutiques were hawking theirs for $200. Like, seriously?!

So I started surfing online and came across a few gorgeous pieces. But these intricate veils with delicate beading were out of my budget at almost US$80 per pop. In the end, simplicity and timelessness ruled over my vanity. Afterall, nobody (unless you are crazy brides-to-be) would be gushing over the veil at the wedding.

And who knew there is so much to learn about veils. One-tiered, two-tiered, drop, mantilla, edging, beading, crystals, pearls, colours, length, fullness… made me tired just thinking about it. Initially, I wanted to get a two-tiered veil because I wanted to have a blusher (the tier that hangs over your face, nothing to do with your cheek colour) but because my dress is a meringue nightmare with big poufy layers of tulle, I decided that a poufy veil would make me look like a poodle.

Pretty drop veil! Then I saw this. I love how the drop veil hangs delicately, and how simple and elegant it is. It doesn’t distract and yet serves its purpose cleanly. Ah, drop veil it is then.

Since I am tiny, a cathedral veil is out of the question. Sigh. In the end, I opted for Occansey Designs because it is highly rated and has a 50-inch drop veil that is wallet-friendly.

I tried it on with my wedding dress just now and had a picture taken (hooray for tripods), and I am thrilled with the effect. It’s now uploaded on a semi-secret location because I don’t want the boyf to see it.

Yay! Now, I’m super looking forward to our Friday engagement photo shoot with Eadwine!

Photo taken from srpro’s knottie bio

iPod poetry

May 20, 2008

Grooving to the iPod Where once I used to worship the prose and poetry of the likes of Shakespeare, Christina Rossetti and the Bronte sisters, those books have all been abandoned as I pursue a life in modernity. They lie dusty, forgotten, neglected.

And whose words do I fall over fervently now? Those of Coldplay and Snow Patrol and Nada Surf and Muse and The Killers and Lifehouse and Belle and Sebastian and U2….you get the drift. It’s not very intellectual but hey, nobody can say that these wordsmiths are not accessible. I could go all high-brow and say I listen to Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen but I’m just not that kind of girl. Sorry. What really rocks my boat nowadays are emotive lyrics that make me put a song on repeat mode.

Like Coldplay’s “‘Til Kingdom Comes”:
Steal my heart and hold my tongue.
I feel my time, my time has come.
Let me in, unlock the door.
I’ve never felt this way before.

Sooo….it’s not Pulitzer Prize material. It doesn’t move mountains but it can certainly move me to tears. Alright, so I am a product of the popular culture. I love Martha Stewart Weddings magazine! And Sex and the City! And Nylon!

By the way, curating music for the wedding is really quite a bitch. Plowing through 22GB of music (that’s 12 days of non-stop hits for you) is not easy task and that’s not including his stash, which is probably double of mine. So many songs, too little time. My initial playlist could last me through three weddings, seriously. In the end, I decided to be hardhearted and CUT the list. Ouch. That really hurt.

But the one thing I have learned from this task is that you choose what you want to hear at the wedding and not what you think others would want to listen to. Heck, it’s my wedding, I’ll listen to The Cure if I want to.

I mean, it’s our wedding and we’ll listen to The Cure if we want to. We, ours, we, ours. I have got to remember that. The thought of sharing my ensuite bathroom and wardrobe and bed is just…..too much to bear. But I do love you much much, dearie!

I love to Swirl

May 5, 2008


It’s probably uncool of me to say it but damn, it’s been really fun putting the wedding together.

While my colleagues show sophisticated nonchalance towards their nuptials, in contrast, I am full of exuberance and excitement. Heck, I can’t even pretend to be chill about it even if I want to. I have been enjoying every single minute of this journey, from finding a location that we both feel it’s “us” to going ahead to buying the wedding dress nine months ahead of time because I love tulle, every step has been a mix of anxiety and unbridled joy. Anxiety, because the thought of frittering away our hard-earned savings for one night’s enjoyment over an empty house that needs to be furnished is always at the back of my mind. Joy, because it brings me closer and closer to the start of a new life with my favourite guy.

I know there have been a lot of wedding-related posts these days. But this journey of ours has been a long time coming and after more than eight years, you can see why we’re viewing this with so much enthusiasm and anticipation.

Many wise people have said that the wedding is not as significant as the marriage. But the truth is, when you have been waiting all those years to spend a lifetime with The One, you want the first day to be as as “us” as possible. And that’s what makes it exciting – knowing that the little details here and there represent our personalities and journey.

Funny how things turn out in life, isn’t it? As I was telling Popartgirl, if we hadn’t gone through the highly acrimonious split almost five years ago, we may not be getting married today. It was painful and truly heart-breaking (on my part, at least) but hey, we became all the better for it.

Although we will be married for the rest of our lives, forever still doesn’t feel long enough, and it couldn’t come quicker enough.

(PS: Oh the dress? Got it from Swirl. It’s from Yu and it’s going to be my evening dress for the wedding. It wasn’t what I had in mind for the wedding but once I had set my eyes on it, strangely enough, I couldn’t get it off my head. It’s not a “traditional” evening dress but I think I have learned enough to know that this is a wedding about us and not how it should be.)

Oriental girl

April 27, 2008

In the mood for love, no?

Not quite In the Mood for Love because, well, I channel Audrey Tautou more than I do Maggie Cheung. Though I am tempted to buy a pair of opera gloves just for vintage kicks!

Nevermind. I like this cheongsum, which was made when I was in Shanghai recently. Basically, it entailed taking a cab to the fabric market, locating the tailor, shoving him that picture which I had torn out of a magazine, getting my measurements taken and voila! a dress is born less than three days later. It’s not quite traditional, not sensual, not womanly, not lacy and nothing that you would associate with a woman in a cheongsum. Definitely not Madam Wong material.

But it’s cool. :)

Shodding Cinderella

April 21, 2008

Gold heels

After spending our past weekends at the malls trying to find Miss Tiny Feet (size 35, beat that) a pair of heels for the wedding, we finally struck gold (literally) at Haji Lane. The usual suspects – Charles & Keith (oops, am I too LC), Substance, Hue, Tang & Co – didn’t have anything that I liked while the pair that I was madly in love with at Pedder Red had ran out of my size (we went to Pedder Red four times in two weeks).

This isn’t the gorgeous gold Pedder Red T-bar heels, which reminded me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but it’s sexy and interesting. Good enough for Budget Bride here. Go check out Bianca for some shoe-whoring, girls!

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